I’ve watched the gods consume you

I’ve watched the gods consume you
Played spades with your heart
I’ve speculated how
You will become distressed
Wishing with hope
That they would change their minds
Leave you alone
In your misery
You would just pray
And you’d whine
Like a dirty little rotten child
You are so part of the machine
You oil up
For wage labor
Take it like a true American
When it comes to stealing
You’re the mark
I struck lightning
Fired from my fingers tips
Investigating how
Monkeys manage monkeys
Stood back amazed at the ignition
Of your cold dead soul
Set ablaze
By a few simple incantations
-Get in line
Let God heal you
Stop thinking
Let Jesus control your life-
We all focus on the one big thing
Our expectations will consume
All that we are
All that we need
From someone other than ourselves
Who will share in our dreams
Another monkey
Older than us
Pulling myths from leaves
In dead trees
He said at 90 plus years
He had no regrets
I use to believe that
But I’ve managed to grow
It’s unfortunate
He didn’t
Time is achieved by changing
We’ll circumvent the
Idiosyncratic monopoly
Let them bury themselves
In lies
Yes, its just rabid dogs barking
Usually a bullet is the only answer
But let me suggest
If we lock them up in a cage
Let that inbred fight occur
Between them
Because the truth is truth
This is fact
Let the monkeys kill each other
This is the planet of Apes
We win
They lose
“Monkeys Managing Monkeys” by Glen Still 2017